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Our business solutions and services help accelerate innovation, increase productivity, reduce costs, and optimize asset utilization.
Aero & Defense
The aerospace industry is one of the fastest growing industries in terms of volume, but at the same time there are various challenges that stifle consistent growth in this segment. Rising maintenance costs, constant investment in aerospace engineering and aviation, rise of new service-oriented processes to enhance customer satisfaction, and aerospace maintenance are just a few of the challenges you may face as a part of this industry.
ESOL has developed, implemented, integrated and maintained solutions for the aerospace industry that help your business cope with sudden changes in a volatile economic environment. These services are extended to critical aerospace functions. The solutions and services that we offer are a result of our strong R&D capabilities backed by experienced industry professionals who have worked on cutting edge technologies in the aviation sector and have been at the forefront of product innovation.
Having worked with some of the worlds largest automotive OEMs and component suppliers, we understand the importance of delivering value to the automobile industrys end customers passengers. Ranging from IT, Embedded, and Electronic to Hardware and Mechanical Engineering, ESOL's solutions are aimed at providing total passenger experience at every link of the value chain.
A dedicated team and continued investments in industry associations, tools and solution sets, helped us maintain our reputation as one of the leading services vendors for this industry. Our integrated services approach caters to all business needs of automotive companies and helps achieve faster time to market, collaboration & visibility across supply chain and Engineering led product development.
Today's harsh environment requires consumer businesses to understand and anticipate changing consumer needs and to respond rapidly with relevant products and solutions.
A strategic consumer demand management framework is the way forward to reach out to consumer markets. Further, there is a need to understand the downstream implications of design changes in manufacturing, shelf-life, agile supply chain and customer relationship management.
Today it is not just about products and services based on consumer insight but to take a leap ahead from insight to foresight and PACE ahead of your consumer.
It is the time to develop goods not only in accordance with consumer preferences but also which will redefine their tastes and preferences.
Energy & Utilites
ESOL helps Oil and Gas firms address complexity through solutions which can effectively collect data from oil wells to retail outlets, integrate different parts of value chain to increase transparency and finally provide tools and solutions to effectively analyze data.
Helping ESOL address complexity is a team of domain experts that includes geophysicists, logging and production engineers, seismic modelers and petroleum economists in upstream, financial and energy traders in trading segment and finally experts with experience working in refineries, retail marketing and B2B marketing in downstream.
This team of domain experts supports technologists in the areas of analytics, enterprise resource planning, product engineering services and portals and content management solutions to leverage technology for meeting the business goals.
The Utilities industry forms the backbone of modern day societies and economies.Increasing supply constraints and environmental awareness can be found at the root of almost all these problems thus forcing the companies to reinvent the way the business should be run.
The industry has been experiencing deregulation and privatization globally and there is a renewed interest in operational efficiency through asset and resource optimization.
With the current state of regulatory environment and the unbundling in progress, the innovation involving business processes is going to decide the frontrunners in the industry.
The Financial Services is one of the largest growing verticals in ESOL.
The Financial Services practice in ESOL is built on strong domain competencies spanning Retail and Corporate Banking, Capital Markets, and Insurance, catering to the IT and operational needs of leading financial services companies.
Using a value-based multi services approach and deep domain expertise in focused verticals, ESOL helps leading global financial services firms manage risk, comply with regulations, enhance product features, and manage transformational challenges while driving efficiency and improving service levels.
Healthcare is a very strategic industry segment for ESOL.
ESOL has a comprehensive presence in the Healthcare Industry across payers, providers, healthcare distribution, healthcare services and e-health.
Some of our focus areas include:
HIPAA 5010/ICD-10
Legacy system modernization
Remote health monitoring
E-health initiatives
Payer CRM initiatives
Health insurance exchanges
ESOL Insurance practice is part of the IT and business Consulting Services that enable insurers to stay ahead of competition by helping them transform into a leaner and robust organization capable of seizing business opportunities and product innovations.
ESOL Insurance practice has successfully delivered complex transformational projects which position us uniquely to deliver large, complex and business critical projects across the insurance value chain.
Enterprise-wide manufacturing solutions are the cornerstones of today's manufacturing companies across the Automobile, Aerospace, High-Tech, and industrial domains, among others. The global manufacturing scenario is rapidly changing, with company operations spanning continents.
The need for an efficient supply-chain network is driving companies to adopt sophisticated manufacturing IT solutions.
ESOL provides comprehensive manufacturing enterprise solutions, directed towards creating a collaborative network to enable you to enhance profitability and deliver customer value. Our manufacturing enterprise solutions span the entire manufacturing spectrum, including,
Supply Chain Management
Product Lifecycle Management
Manufacturing Execution Systems
ESOL partners with leading retailers across the globe, giving us key insights into the challenges and business issues faced by them. ESOL's Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) vertical delivers an end to end array of services across the retail value chain from Vendor Management, Planning, Supply Chain activities to Store and multi-channel offerings.
Our involvement in the industry has ranged from Improving supply chain efficiency, streamlining store operations, managing merchandise, maximizing customer loyalty to conceptualizing, building and managing ecommerce capabilities.
Aero & Defense
Energy & Utilites
We offer :
SAP, Oracle,
MS Dynamic CRM, PeopleSoft, JD Edward implementation services across consulting, implementation and application management.
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